Im fucking Wiccan! Awesome!!!







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First of all, Buddhism is not a Chinese religion. Second of all, Buddhists do not worship tons of gods. Not to be snooty, but I’m a Buddhist, and this is just poorly researched, which is sad if you’re going to flow-chart it.

Well I’m sure Buddhism’s greatest concentration lies in China. So to say it’s a Chinese religion isn’t a stretch. I do know that Buddhism started in India, but no one in India practices Buddhism.
Buddhism is actually the world’s earliest form of Atheism (when it first came out). Buddha just became a God over time, but he wasn’t one in the beginning.

Buddhism actually has a humongous following in Japan. Certain sects even evolved specifically in Japan. But it isn’t a Chinese religion, specifically. Or even a specifically Indian religion.

And it is atheism, you’re right. Buddha hasn’t even actually reached god status. His name simply means “the enlightened one,” and none of the doctrines of Buddhism say anything about worship or anything resembling it.

I get Wiccan which is cool with me