Fraser Speirs on Future Shock caused by the iPad launch

People talk about Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, and I don’t disagree that the man has a quasi-hypnotic ability to convince. There’s another reality distortion field at work, though, and everyone that makes a living from the tech industry is within its tractor-beam. That RDF tells us that computers are awesome, they work great and only those too stupid to live can’t work them.

Awesome, my thoughts exactly. Consumers have suffered long enough in the traditional Bill Gates/Steve Jobs model of what a computer looks like. Time to move on


A Tablet Market or a Mobile Devices Market?

Some Months a go I shared a quote from Alan Kay which I found on the GigaOM Site following the announcement of the iPad back in January;

So at the end of the presentation, Steve came up to me and said: Is the iPhone worth criticizing? And I said: Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.

Since Launch it appears Apple have had more than a little success with iPad. But, as I’ve often written, success can be measured in many ways. Internally it will be if Apple meets or exceeds their Business Case for the Product. Externally it’ll be about market share or profitability.

So I have to wonder about the ability to measure Market Share in a Market which apparently hasn’t hitherto existed, especially if it only contains one device.

Today, as I read keenly about the launch of the DELL Streak into the European market, I wondered if the Streak would get lumped into the Tablet or Phone Market for the Experts and Analysts to pore over. Perhaps it will be measured in both.

I note how DELL have made a 5 inch device and read today from many commentators that it doesn’t fit in with their definition of a tablet. It seems the Market for tablets has been set along Alan Kay’s and Apple’s definition.

In my view they all belong in the Mobile Devices Market and the leader in that is still the iPhone.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Tablet Part Two: The true significance of the Tablet

That’s why Kindle is such a piece of shit. All they did was pave the cowpath

Something like iTunes LP for (book, magazine, news) linear content Publishing is what would work. Note: I put the terms in brackets because I think those terms are meaningless in a Digital Environment