Google and the stand for digital due process


where Google write about creating a group to
a coalition of technology companies, privacy advocates and academics to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986
An article from three years back, with a more recent update.
I’m confused though by this line;
the Senate Judiciary Committee took a significant step toward updating ECPA by passing legislation that would require the government to obtain a warrant in order to compel service providers to disclose the content of emails and other electronic content that they store on behalf of users.
Is this the same US government which allegedly monitors ALL communications, no matter who the provider?

Social Media for Social Good: can social media really make a difference? | Doing Words | Helping businesses tell their story

Mar 31, 2010

Posted by alan on Mar 31, 2010 in Industry, Social Media | 2 Comments

Social Media for Social Good: can social media really make a difference?

I’m moderating a new Digital Citizens Event coming up on Tuesday April 13th, with the theme of “Social Media for Social Good.”

Secret: I’ve never moderated at an event before (I’m usually either speaking or heckling the speakers) so this might be a refreshing change, at least for the crowd and the speakers. Please come along and heckle me — I am a large and slow-moving target.

The one frustration is it’s a topic close to my heart. I’d love to wade in with my own opinions and evidence but I hate it when other moderators do that — it’s not me you’re paying to listen to. But I’ll happy debate it with you afterwards over drinks ;-)

The evening begins with an open discussion of “what’s hot on the social web” and then we’ll get into the main topic.

If what’s hit on the social web is you, I’d appreciate it if you could be on time.

The four speakers I’ll be wrassling are Karalee Evans, Mark Chenery and Nic McKay, and will be moderated by Alan Jones. We’ll then take questions and open the debate.

Bring an opinion, bring an idea, bring a question or just bring a good heckle, but please bring yourself.

RSVP and learn more about the panel.

Waiting to go on as Easter Bunny at my son’s childcare centre. A 2m, 100kg man in a bunny suit? Deep emotional scars for everyone.


Looking forward to having Alan moderating our sophomore event, get your tickets now!

Another Football Club dies only to be reborn by its only real shareholders

So a modern, enlightened vision for a football club is taking shape in the ruins of the old, in which clubs are just companies, up for sale to just about anyone. The wider lessons of Chester City’s gruesome demise should be heeded across football…

After years of supporters’ loyalty being taken for granted, the end for the Chester regime arrived because the fans finally became mad as hell, and then decided they were not going to take it any more.

As I wrote recently, this will continue as long as football exists. Love for the Game, passion for your local team will always mean when the scumbag speculators and shady businessmen walk away, the only real shareholders will bring it back to life.