Louis Gerbarg in /dev/why!?! -on the Adobe Flash v Apple iPhone Debate

Personally, in this whole thing the most distasteful part is that Adobe used its userbase and their livelihood as a bargaining chip. These kinds of high stakes negotiations have happened in the past many times. They are much more common than people think, and until the last few years Apple was more likely to be on the weaker side of the negotiation. The story of MacBasic is a classic example, but I can think of other (not publicly disclosed) incidents involving Adobe and Macromedia (which was acquired by Adobe, and is where the Flash team comes from) applying extreme pressure to Apple. This is the only case where I feel an active user community was publicly jerked around like this in order for one side to try to gain leverage over the other. That is saying a lot, because I am not pleased with Apple’s actions either, but Adobe put Apple in a position where either Adobe got its way or Apple screwed developers.

An excellent reasoned article, which I REALLY recommend you read.

The description of the opportunity for Adobe to develop really good applications using Flash on Android is a good one. Especially as it will be then almost impossible for Apple to use current arguments against Flash.

You’d like to think this is the type of reasoned conversation which is happening behind the scenes right now.

It’s just a pity the Adobe’s public position is like a series of school boys wanting to play catch in the middle of the classroom.


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