songlines … bags with a story – My Mates New Business venture

I want to make messenger bags out of fabric that has been ‘pre-loved’ in australia, fabrics that have a story to tell, and make them into cool messenger bags that pass on the story and allow the owner  to continue the story. at the same time my green conscience pops up and wants to reduce the amount of good stuff that we just leave to waste here in australia. and i would love to find a solution to manufacture here and not send everything off to asia.

I’m always up for sustainable enterprise, so happily share this starting point for a friends new business venture. Too many Products consumed in Australia are made elsewhere with material sourced elsewhere. We need to redress the balance.

Join Ariane as she says, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and look well cool while doing so.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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