Another Analogy on Facebook Privacy

Yesterday I read a most excellent post on Facebook Privacy in Techcrunch by the ever interesting Paul Carr.

However I felt it was missing something. A reason why some of us might actually have a good reason to be Whiny, Entitled Dipshits

I think it’s best illustrated by the following Analogy;

Facebook is like the Mate who borrowed your records back in the 80’s and 90’s
You assumed that they would tape them, but it was unsaid.
What you didn’t think is they would sell your Records, give you back the Tape AND report you to the Home Taping is killing music people while they were at it.

For Illustrative purposes, here is a relative look at Google using a similar analogy;

They told you they’d sell the record on your behalf to make you money
They also told you that you wouldn’t want to keep the original anyway because the Cassette was “just as good quality”


2 thoughts on “Another Analogy on Facebook Privacy

  1. “Whiny, Entitled Dipshits” … classic, you have a way with words, it touches me, inside, deep inside.

  2. Rich,
    All I can claim is identifying the wondrous nature of the term. The provenance is with the aforementioned Paul Carr.
    Of course with the noise I make on the topic, he’d probably consider me one of those “Whiny, entitled dipshits” 😉

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