iPad pre-orders storming success in Australia

Just three days after the official pre-launch in Australia, Apple have already started changing estimated ship dates for NEW iPad orders to the 7th of June.

This appears to indicate stock reserved for pre-order sales in the first week of delivery have already sold out.

Australian consumer decisions appear to be mirroring those of the USA, where sales of iPad hit 1 million within it’s first month on sale.

Various Technology publications reported on the change to estimated ship dates yesterday. Some appeared to agree it indicated a successful launch while allowing for the fact it may be caused by stocking issues.

Conversely one publisher who previously shared opinion pieces telling us iPad will fail seemed to prefer to focus on reporting the apparent success in negative terms. Even indicating that orders already taken were being delayed.

it appears that those who have pre-ordered iPads may have a little longer to wait.

From my understanding, contacting those whose iPad orders were taken in the first couple of days, their iPads were still estimated to be delivered on official launch date of the 28th May


2 thoughts on “iPad pre-orders storming success in Australia

  1. I agree that the pre orders would indicate that the Ipad is a success, however since the large majority are early adopters whom the purchase is neither a whim or discretionary but a must have may not paint the whole picture.

    As you know I am not a fan of Apple and their products, but I accept that the Apple approach suits many, as to if this product will be as huge as the Iphone only time will tell. However unless Apple release details of pre order numbers (not going to happen)we can only guess at this stage

  2. Rory,
    Agreed, which is why I used the conditions I did.

    When we make assumptions to fill in the gaps about what we know, we can often betray our bias. I’m only saying it as I see it and providing another view of this story.

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