Foursquare Warns Its Competitors: “We’re Running Like A Well-Oiled Machine”

Clearly, Crowley knows Facebook is about to launch its entry into the check-in space. Yet he’s still bullish on Foursquare’s immediate future. That again signals to me that while Facebook will have its own checking-in method, they’re also going to federate check-ins from other services, like Foursquare. That can help the service with a million users gain a lot of exposure. And Crowley was meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week in New York City for some reason.

I mentioned at #digicitz last week that Foursquare and Facebook were catching up. The NBC tie-in is interesting. From an upcoming event perspective, I see the Football World Cup in South Africa as being a HUGE global location based event for services like Foursquare and Twitter. I’d be surprised if broadcasters of that event weren’t considering tieing up with those services or at least heavily using them during the event.
Note, it was also announced by Mashable today that Starbucks have gone live with their previously announced tie-up with Foursquare.


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