Confusing Metrics; Nokia increases sales by more than Android, article focuses on Market Share

Symbian sales went up in the Quarter by more than 6 million on the year ago quarter which is an INCREASE in sales MORE than all the Android Vendors sold put together in the same period.
For the record that’s a 33% growth in Sales YOY.

Apple iPhone (one device) also increased sales YOY by the same Actual numbers as Android did.

Anyone else find it nteresting Gartner and ZDnet focus on Market Share rather than actual numbers?

Will Android continue to grow so rapidly now they are no longer off a low base?


2 thoughts on “Confusing Metrics; Nokia increases sales by more than Android, article focuses on Market Share

  1. Also interesting is the millions of handsets running a flavour of Linux _other_ than Android. What are these handsets? I’d love to see that broken down.

    Is it just WebOS plus miscellaneous? WebOS and Nokia’s Maemo (running on the N900)? How much of that is OPhone in China (which is a modified Android kernel anyway), if any at all?

    It will be interesting to plot some trendlines over the next few quarters to see if there is any relationship to falling Linux sales and marketshare and rising Android numbers.

  2. First, I should correct that when I say ‘Nokia’ I mean Symbian.
    I imagine there is some relationship between the Linux and Android number. But I now expect that to stabilise as Nokia start switching over from Symbian to MeeGo for their mobile devices.
    Another interesting Stat. IDC report that in Australia in Q4 2009, almost 35% of Mobile Device shipments were Apple iPhone.
    Just shows how the AT&T relationship in the USA is likely hampering the iPhone uptake over there and will probably make them stagnate or lose market share in the next 2 or 3 Q’s.

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