World Cup: Day One

Already we’ve had everything, awesome goals, a sending off, cheats on the pitch and the Vuzevela.

Okay, so Thierry Henry hasn’t cheated today, but ironically he was the one looking for a handball with 2 minutes to go v Uruguay.

France, as expected, struggled in their opening game. Logically you would play the all encompassing Sidney Govou when you had Florent Malouda and the cheat on the bench – but that’s Domenech for you.

But overall we’ve had a couple of average games accompanied by some poor commentary from SBS.

On what planet do they think allying Kevin Muscat with David Bashir was a good idea? If SBS want to attract viewers in the long term they need to think about creating some excitement in the commentary for those boring games. They exist, despite the pretence the FIFA propaganda would have you believe.

At least SBS had the sense to get an Irishman hosting some of the games. Paul Dempsey is Dave Angel to Les Murray’s Rowley Birkin QC.

The sound of buzzing bees makes me think, how do the players know when they are being cheered or not?

It makes me wonder what would an Australian hosted world cup sound like? All loudspeakers and rubbish music over the PA as we have become used to at grounds here. With nary a sound from the home crowd.

Harsh? I doubt it – have you ever been to a Rugby League or AFL match in Australia?

Apparently, there was an ‘Opening Ceremony’ too. Someone needs to tell TV Networks and Septic Blatter the Opening Ceremony in a Football tournament is the National Anthems before the game.

They’re enough bad tunes for anybody.

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4 thoughts on “World Cup: Day One

  1. Well luckily with WordPress it’s easy to edit, but I find Posterous difficult to edit and always had to delete the entire post and repost.
    I totally agree about the buzzing bees noise.
    I’ve just read your post and see that sports commentary is your thing: “hoofed into the sky.”
    You even mentioned the fluoro boots. The yellow ones are all over the place at my boy’s games, with the kids imitating their heroes. It all filters down.

    • I’ve been watching football for nigh on 35 years, Frances, about time I used my initiative 😉

      Posterous is a lot better since recent changes, but I only use Posterous for sharing things I want to comment on. I was tossing up whether to use this blog or for the World Cup. I decided on here, cos WordPress is eminently pretter than Blogger 😉

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