The World Cup; Day 2

The Nigerian coach in the World Cup wears a tracksuit and looks about as Nigerian as me. I always mistrust a coach who wears a tracksuit. It comes across as some sort of effort to be “one of the lads” and mainly seems to be used by coaches who have lost the dressing room. Cf Rafa Benitez at Liverpool last season. Instead look at Diego Maradona. A sharp suit, and awesome beard. Barking at Leo Messi as they came back from half-time. Hugging him and others wildly at full-time. The man gets passion, I just hope that it’s no longer created by white substances.

Unlike in the second and third games in today’s World Cup Program, there was no cavalcade of stars at Nelson Mandela stadium in the first.

Greece, despite some German help, were unable to recover against the ever improving Korea (non-democratic republic version). Perhaps Greece were stunned by the number of empty seats, which were Korea supporting red?

It was alleged to me that Rowley Birkin expressed surprise at the nature of Koreas win. All the more reason for me to avoid watching the “expert” analysis on SBS and to, oddly, pine for the incisive commentary of Bozza on Fox Sports. I didn’t stay around long enough to listen to the “expert” analysis, I had to watch the rest of Ireland’s rugby team attempt to redeem themselves.

Of course, they failed, just like FIFA’s efforts to sell all the tickets for the Finals.

In the Argentina v Nigeria game, there was more action in the first five minutes than in the whole of France v Uruguay. Even before Heinze scored the smashing header, the second of three early goals on the day, Higuain had missed a sitter set up by the wizard Leo Messi. Messi went on to bedazzle the Nigerians, and just like the entire forward line of the England team miss chance after chance.

Of course the early goal took the sting out of the Nigerian Sails, which were also pretty full early on. But they recovered to have a number of chances themselves, however like Messi and England, contrived to miss even the easiest.

Heinze’s header would allow the aforementioned Rafa to point out his held view of the waste of time in having men on the post. Surprisingly to some, I do agree with him and the Nigerian man would’ve been better deployed walking Maradona’s dog for the effectiveness he had in his designated role.

I noted how the Nigerians and Wayne Rooney are taking gamesmanship to a new level. I loved the Nigerian’s holding and showing of the ball to the ref when the free kick had been given for the foul you just made. Yes we know you got the ball son. It’s HOW you got the ball which mattered. Same goes for Rooney’s Chicken wings or semaphore effort in order to get an opponent booked. Just say it KaiWaynes dad! But no swearing mind!

Mind you whatever the Nigerian goalkeeper was doing at halftime makes any focus on gamesmanship practically pointless. If you didn’t see it, well suffice to say there was kneeling and a circle of men in shorts. Positively degenerating.

Or perhaps he was praying to a god of small things? Like every scorer seems to think that something up in the sky is responsible for their good luck. Yep, Robert Green let that one in because a skybound being directed the ball that way. Nothing to do with a patently ill-suited football associated with an excellent strike by you, Clint Dempsey, and some dreadful body work by Green.

As for the Ball, well someone should tell these fellars that when something filled with air is hoofed into the sky, its going to go a bit further when you are a couple of thousands metres above sea-level. I’m “over” the overplayed passes already. And we are only five games in.

And finally, luminous coloured boots. Is this like bloody scrunchies and padded shoulders? I look forward to seeing them disappear from whence they came. Hopefully before the No-longer National Airline Footballeroos kick off against the crack Deutschlanders in the morning.

See what I said about Day One and Day Three


4 thoughts on “The World Cup; Day 2

  1. 2nd day in and it’s pretty clear this is where I’ll be getting my World Cup news from Gavski. I’ve been tumbling this morning and realised that unless I’m up on the major “incidents” I’ll be confused by half the content in there over the next few weeks. Your posts cover the news, include commentary of a passionate fan, adds local context and actually sparks my interest. Good stuff!

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