The World Cup; Day Three (Mandi Aussie Edition)

I’ve avoided the Australian Media so far this morning, but I’ll put money on the following topics being shared with the uniniated as the some reasons for this mornings failure versus Germany in the World Cup;

  • Harry Kewell not playing
  • Tim Cahill getting sent off for “nothing”
  • The first German goal being “offside”

I’d imagine, aside from the actual experts, there will be little commentary on the offside trap failings of the Australian Backline and the absolute incision of practically everything which Germany did.

Advance Australia to the next game. There’s no point crying over spilt milk and all that. One game down, two to go. When Ireland qualified from their group to the Last 16 in Italy 90, they did so with three draws. When they qualified in 1994, they did so with one win, one loss and one draw. The draw against Norway being an abject failure and the final straw in the reign of Jack Charlton (which continued for another two years) because it meant that instead of playing Bulgaria we were up against a pretty rampant Netherlands team in the second round.

Perhaps Pim Verbeek had a plan? A lot of effort against Germany may have drained the resources for the more critical games in the scheme of things against Ghana and Serbia. Germany were always likely to win two of their three games.

Finishing second in the group would put Australia up against England in the Second Round and perhaps an easier draw after that.

I’d fancy Australia against England following their lack of endeavour against the Americans.

Of course, the cat is amongst the pigeons now. An abject defensive performance against a highly skilled opponent does little for the confidence. And when one of your key outlets has stupidly got himself sent off for a foolish late, two footed, from behind tackle in the wrong part of the field, you’ve all of a sudden got a double whammy.

I recalled watching the Australia v USA friendly last week and having to turn it off before half time when it became abundantly clear the Australian back line is just not up to it. Most certainly not up to playing the offside trap at World Cup Finals level.

Craig Moore is so past his sell by date, it’s not funny. I’ve been saying it for months. Lucas Neill is barely an English Premier League standard player – and he may not even be that anymore having played in Turkey recently.

Tactically, Australia are inept. Which is of course a poor reflection on the coach. Unless they make some seriously hard decisions in the next few days, next weekends game is going to be a tough one. Ghana have their settler under their wing, and a win against Australia guarantees them the next round. They’ll be up for it, I’m sure.

This post can’t go by without commenting on some of the posts in my twitter feed last night while watching the game. No, friend Aussies, bringing Harry Kewell on in that game was not going to solve your defensive problems. And yes, other friend Aussies, when a player dives in with two feet ANYWHERE on the pitch, it most certainly WILL be a red card. They really aren’t reserved for goal-scoring opportunities as one tweeter indicated.

Either they play with weird rules here in Australia or it’s a misapprehension of the game by those more familiar with other types of field sports played here.

While the referee was certainly pedantic, I didn’t think him any worse than any of the others so far this tournament – and the quality has been surprisingly good so far.

I’ve barely mentioned Germany. Enough will be said elsewhere lionising their performance. But it’s worthwhile to note, they hardly broke sweat. Of course they were helped by the nature of the opposition. Both Klose and Podolski scored excellent goals in the first half to kill the game. Klose especially needs to be mentioned. 49 international goals now, and only four legends of the game have scored more than him in Finals.

Only Germany can get in the way of Germany going at least all the way to the final on that performance. I can’t wait to match them against Spain, Italy and Brazil in the next few days.

Tomorrow it’s Netherlands v Denmark, Japan v Cameroon and Italy v Paraguay. Lets see if I can keep this up. I suspect you’ll have to rely on elsewhere for Japan v Cameroon though.

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3 thoughts on “The World Cup; Day Three (Mandi Aussie Edition)

  1. Our back line was absolutely shocking & Neill was the worst of the lot. He had one of his worst ever games in the green & gold in my opinion, and was constantly putting Germany onside. Moore was slightly better, but his age is definitely showing.

    I honestly think that the red for Timmy was harsh as it did look like he was trying to pull out (he collected Schweinsteiger with his knees in the end). It was a foolish challenge, but there was no malice in it. I feel for Timmy, as this poor challenge that was likely brought on by frustration more than anything else has more than likely spelt the end of his World Cup.

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  3. Hi Jayphen
    You are probably right about Moore. I’ve just given up on him…about 5 years ago 😉 As for Tim, well he gets enough red cards to know exactly what not to do. And while in the benefit of hindsight, I wouldn’t have given red, but the referee doesn’t have that liberty. And you can’t avoid the fact he had first kicked him on the heel and then dived in two footed.

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