The World Cup; Day 4, or is it 5?

Day 4 and Day 5 of the World Cup merged into a cacophony of football, work and Digital Citizens. In fact there was also sleep.

I write this review of Day 5 – okay Day 4 and Day 5 – at half time in the Honduras v Chile game. I’ve just watched Brazil against the Peoples Enlightened Democracy Republic of Korea which as you know was played earlier today. Yeah, I’m Australia. It’s all screwed up.

I’m recalling what I was thinking 9 minutes into the Italy v Paraguay game. I thought I must have woken up in a parallel universe. Or perhaps the lack of sleep was already affecting my sensory perception. How else could we explain Italy opening their defence of the Crown with a vibrant display of attacking football? I mean, it just doesn’t happen, does it?

Needless to say, when Paraguay are playing like Italy, you’ve got to come up with a plan B. In the end, Italy did well to get a draw against a strong Paraguay team despite fielding the, or so I thought, long dead Fabio Cannavaro. Just like with Paolo Maldini for what felt like 400 years, as long as flesh still clings to his bones and his arm still points in the direction of the offside trap, Fabio Cannovaro will be still be picked by Italian Managers.

Speaking of antiquities, I remember 1986 and the Olsen brothers at Denmark. Morten coaches the Danes now. Denmark play like a group of OAPs to match (when he wears those glasses) their Richard Harris doppelgänger of a manager.

The first goal they contrived to give the Netherlands reminded me of a couple of zimmer frame borne retirees working hard despite their obvious physical limitations. Which worried me. Was that Dan Agger? Does he rely on Carra that much?

Although, it should be remembered, this Netherlands team, despite being on top for lengthy periods as Dutch people are wont, were unable to finish things off. Like an oul fella who forgot his Viagra, perhaps?

A lot has been said about the Ball which tends to get up like a bright young thing. Perhaps the Viagra is in the big panels? The games at Ellis Park and Loftus, among others at altitude, are making me wonder if it is trying to ape it’s more oddly shaped cousin. Many of the shots from strikers are reminding me of the efforts of Morne Steyne or Percy Montogomery rather than Wayne Rooney.

Nice to see Brazil and the Superior Republic of Peoples Democracy in Korea keep it down then, and get three super goals for their efforts. Especially Maicon’s. Haven’t seen it? Sort that out now

I imagine that España will follow the same rules today, even though Nando doesn’t mind the odd ball over the top  when he skins the “defenders” who play in the English League (despite him not starting tonight). Australia should think of that when they come up against Serbia next week. Here Pim, have an example of Nem Vidic at his most astounding. Even Brett Holman must have some vestige of the Talent of La Nando?

Today’s question; the half time huddle. When did that become popular, and why are so many teams using it? And if they are why isn’t the goalkeeper kneeling in the middle like the South African guy on Friday night.

Oh, and did I mention “Australasia‘s” amazing 1-1 draw with the might of Slovakia last night? Probably not. But it tells you why you read this blog to get the real story rather than relying on the ‘humour’ of Mainstream Media!

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