The World Cup; Day 15 – Recovery

There should be laws enforcing holidays every four years for the World Cup. There also should be laws which support the provision of 24/7 child care during the same period. And finally ALL other types of sport should be suspended for the duration.

Instead I need to find a balance. One where I can be up all night watching football, sleep at some point during the day and find 7-8 hours or more to do the work which funds the all night football watching in the first place.

I also need to make decisions. Sometimes those decisions are ones like when I choose to watch New Zealand play Paraguay for a bit of local support. And miss Slovakia beating the World Champion Italians. Former World Champions now of course. FML, as they say in geekdom.

So it’s nice to think now we have reached the second round, keeping up with games will be easier. Which is of course a mixed blessing as this also means there are ONLY 16 games left. You may recall there were 16 games in the last 4 days alone. It’s nice to think that unlike some of the games of the ast 4 days, we are guaranteed 15 of the next 16 will be worthwhile, meaningful games. And more likely to be competitive than not. No effortless 0-0 games like between Brazil and Portugal, more like Australia v Ghana, please.

We’ve have had two excellent games this morning in both Port Elizabeth and Rustenberg as a warm-up for the big ones upcoming tomorrow. Early goals from both Uruguay and Ghana certainly helped get one or the other team to attack throughout. And both Korea and the USA earned the equalising goals which followed.

The Ghanaian opener from Boateng was perfectly taken and excellently placed. Ayew’s winner early in extra time was a beautiful example of the simple long ball from the keeper being wonderfully controlled and struck into the top corner. Both really excellent goals, but both pale in comparision to Suarez’ winner for Uruguay in the flood at Nelson Mandela Bay. Begin able to control and place a ball so well in those conditions made me cheer.

What happens when the competition gets better is that less often there are one-sided encounters. You also have games where the effort ebbs and flows. In both games today there were lengthy periods of dominance by either side. Without good defence to fall back on, the exhaustive effort usually expounded to get back on terms often ends up in conceding another some time later.

Just like the mental effort required to get up and watch football all night, and the recovery required to do that every night for more than two weeks in a row. But roll on Super Sunday (or Monday morning as it is in Australia) when the old enemies of England and Germany go at it again. Personally I’m more excited by the prospect of Argentina v Mexico.

Both winners and losers get a break now. The Winners only 5 or 6 days, the losers at least 4 years. We on the other hand need to do this for three more nights. Then we can have a break.


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