The World Cup; Day 17 – Advanced Muppetry

As an Englishman said to me this morning, if that sort of thing happens while getting trounced by a better team it can only happen to England. Today’s World Cup post is all about the world of multi-dimensional games of football. In both games today the referee and linesmen were existing in differing realities to the rest of us.
In the English game, the ball didn’t cross the line. For the rest of us, it wasn’t even worthy of the Russian Linesman. In the Argentina game, Tevez wasn’t offside. For the rest of us he was probably offside twice, but definitely at least a metre off side before he headed the ball home.
I think plenty has been said about both incidents elsewhere, but its worth mentioning a few positives and negatives which came out of them;


  • FIFA might finally introduce globally the additional assistants behind the goals. I’m not a fan of Video replays for referees, but they can hardly keep ignoring this. Seriously, if GAA (Gaelic Football and Hurling) in Ireland and the AFL in Australia can have them, why not football?
  • England Lost
  • English fans have something new to whinge about rather than Maradona’s Hand of God in 1986. That one got old in about 1986, yet they still harp on about it
  • Did I mention England Lost?
  • If you aren’t much of a fan of England, they get to gloss over their failings by blaming the #goaloflampard for the defeat. Which means they continue to be crap for a few more years.
  • There was a good old barney at half-time in the Mexico game
  • Germany v Argentina in the Quarter Finals


  • the Chaos theory on ‘what might’ve happened’ gets ignored by those who claim that England getting back to 2-2 would’ve changed things measurably. Or if Mexico hadn’t conceded that first goal, they would have eventually overcome the Argentineans. Perhaps. But did you see England’s defence? Exactly, neither did I. And did you see the Mexicans threaten the Argentinians much? You did? Maybe you were in another reality, just like the referee.
  • If you are English, you get to gloss over your failings by blaming the #goaloflampard for the defeat. Which means your team continues to be crap for a few more years
  • We get to read more shit from Septic Blatter on why Video Referees’s can’t be used. How long exactly was the Mexican game stopped for while the #Muppet and his linesman were discussing how they could dig themselves out of this mess?
  • Septic extends his anti-video referee logic to prevent the additional assistant from being used to prevent stupid decisions like this from happening – even without a video referee.
  • We have to listen to English people whinge about the #goaloflampard for the next 400 years…or until the next event of such nature happens.I’m sure the Mexicans will have a whinge too, but I don’t speak Spanish.
  • Argentina v Germany in the Quarter Finals
For the Australians, you should be aware it was the Italian #muppet who sent off Harry Kewell who was allowing Mexico to kick the Argies into submission and who then allowed Tevez to be offside TWICE for their opener.
Do you now understand why I call most referees #muppets?

6 thoughts on “The World Cup; Day 17 – Advanced Muppetry

  1. I like what sounds like a simple solution for the ‘ball over the line/not over the line debate’, dig out the grass in the goal and replace it with sand, ball will mark the sand when it bounces on it, simple, instant, low-tech….

    • doesn’t solve the “whole of the ball” issue really. You need a human eye. What’s better than a bloke standing right next to the goal looking specifically for this

  2. Have to say, I’ve found your blog on The World Cup decidedly useful to an ignorant fan like me & very amusing!

  3. i take your point (no pun intended) on the human eye, works pretty well for the gaa lads, and that’s a much harder job, some of the points are going over the bar well above the uprights… as Michelín Twomey said to Conny Murphy at the Munster Senior Hurling Semi Final Replay, “if you say its a point Con, I’ll stick up the flag!”

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