The World Cup; Days off should not be allowed

The World Cup is back…apparently some days have passed without football.

What did you do in the last 72 hours? Did you sleep or did you consider the upcoming 4 games?

Did you wonder if it ever was going to be someone other than Roy Hodgson taking over as next manager of Liverpool?

Did you think about how Spain beat the team of Cashtrol ejjg the other night? Simple wasn’t it? The way Spain shut Portugal out of the game after they went 1-0 up. They way Torres, while disappointing, again enabled David Villa to have the space to work his magic with another cracking strike. The fact Navas didn’t even play? The idea that Navas is EVEN in South Africa.

Did you wonder if Paraguay were going to be shaking in their boots or were Korea so bloody good? So much so that Paraguay still feel confident having only conceded one goal in the entire tournament. And Spain, who have been finding difficultly putting the ball in the oul Onion Bag, won’t penetrate their rhythm section at the back?

Did you join the conversation on whether the French government should continue to ‘interfere‘ with the French Football Federation in order to get them chucked out of the game for a period?

Did you care whether English people were scratching their eyes out over the caravan earning endeavours of their star players?

Did you salivate over the idea Germany v Argentina is going to be an even better replay of the 1986 final?

Or are you – like me, drooling over the Brazil v Nederlands game currently playing?

Whatever you are considering, if it isn’t football, forget about it. There’s only one game in town. Every four years it reminds us of this. Despite all the bullshit.

Game back on.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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