The World Cup – Dirk Kuyt, unsung legend

Lets all watch Dirk Kuyt

Score goals every night

Lets all watch Dirk Kuyt score goal after goal

Up in the highest stands

Surrounded by the greatest fans

Lets all watch Dirk Kuyt score goals

Okay so Dirk doesn’t score lots of goals, but I bet the Dutch fans are glad the manager Bert van Marwijk didn’t listen to experts wanted Kuyt dropped after the first two games when Robben became available again.

Kuyt’s work ethic is one of the reasons the man will be remembered among Liverpool fans who appreciate heart long after he is retired. Perhaps even up there with recent cult heroes like Scouser Jan and Sami.

If the Netherlands win the World Cup there are a number of players they can thank. Not least Robben’s ability to make all the fouls on him look like dives. Or is it the other way around? But also Dirk Kuyts effort to date, especially his near post header for Sneijders second goal versus the always overrated Brazilians.

That sort of stuff is classic football, the type of thing Ray Houghton used to do for John Aldridge both in Green and in Red. You can have yer Samba football boys, but if we get a pack of petulant entitled crocks when the pressure is on. I’ll take effort and effectiveness over class any day.

Which is ironic really, considering it’s previously been the Dutch who were the petulant spoilt nutters.

Roll on Uruguay in the Morning. Both teams down a few players. Uruguay thanking Suarez’s “professional” effort on the line (and Gyan’s abject bottling of the penalty) for theirs.

Or Budweiser causing him to bottle it?

But Dirk will be playing. As he always does. Wayne Rooney learn a thing or two from him.


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