The World Cup; Care factor zero

Hands up if you remember any of the teams who finished third in the World cup before this morning. Unless of course it was your team which won the playoff.

So while it offers the semifinal losers the chance to complete their World cup on a high, it really is like the human coccyx. A holdover from an amateur antiquity which belongs with the Olympics.

Which is not to say, as this morning, they don’t often turn out to be cracking games with plenty of goals. And then too often contribute to skewing the golden boot results.

I’m sure the managers of club sides whose players are involved would also like to be shot of it. Their players having played 6 tough games have to play another pointless one while the new league season fast approaches.

This mornings game was spoiled by a couple of things. Heavy rain, more poor officiating, useless goalkeeping and one of the better players of this world cup being booed every time he touched the ball. I imagine the “fans” at the game would have booed a player from their own team if he had used his hand on the goal line to keep them in the world cup too.

Personally I spent the whole game hoping Suarez would score a hattrick. Instead, continuing his world cup form, he made essential contributions to both Uruguayan goals.

Good man, and good on Uruguay for some excellent football throughout the tournament. Pity their goalkeeper appeared to be actually playing for the Germans tonight.

But will we remember who won this game in 8 or even 4 years time? If you are German you might. Otherwise, probably as much as we will remember this world cups Paraguay versus New Zealand game.


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