Crisis and reputation management: How to deal when the web gets antisocial #digicitz

Gone are the days when consumers quietly moan to their neighbours about the “service” they’ve received at their local supermarket. They’re ready, willing and more than able to tell the entire world exactly what they think of products, services, brands and fellow citizens – all with a few taps on their iPhone.

When conversation on social networks gets ugly, only the prepared survive. Brands can take months, or even years to recover positive sentiment after an online backlash – especially the attention traditional media gives to social networks nowadays. We’ve seen some disasters – Nestle, Dell and Jetstar deal with massive retaliation – and in some cases it seems no-one is safe from the wrath of a consumer scorned.

So, how do you safeguard against disgruntled conversations online? How do you deal with the repercussions once the chatter has begun? Once again, Digital Citizens has assembled a crack team to discuss this month’s topic, “Crisis and reputation management: How to deal when the web gets antisocial”. Confirmed speakers for this event are Matthew Gain (Edelman) and Rachael Falk (Telstra); Karalee Evans (Amnesia Razorfish) will be moderating what is sure to be a lively yet respectful debate about this topic. There are more speakers to be added – so stay tuned!

Digital Citizens is at the Burdekin Hotel on Tuesday, 20th of July. Tickets are $10, half of which will be donated to a charity to be crowdsourced at the event. If you would like to nominate a charity or propose your own, send a message on Twitter to @eCitizens or email

Panel sponsorship for this event is very generously provded by Centric Consulting.


And we are off! Look forward to seeing you all next week!


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