Breach of Trust

Recently I wrote about trust in some detail.

Today I wrote about a breach of trust. Except I didn’t call it that at the time. However as the day went on, I eventually realised this was exactly what it was.

pondering the vagaries of trust and how quickly it breaks downTue Jul 13 05:46:15 via Digsby

It felt like a big step to take but I eventually realised that, just as with a breakdown in trust in any relationship, one thing is often enough to cause trust to be breached. And while the trust I described in my previous post hasn’t yet been breached, the foundations of the relationship have been slightly weakened.

While l thought further on this problem tonight, I realised that while Apple have built great products and great experiences over the years, in this age of online conversations, okay I’ll call it Social Media so you know what I mean, they rarely engage with customers at all.

Which is fine as long as your products and services are working well and any issues are easily managed. Even if you have issues it remains fine as long as you are a minority provider of services. It becomes less fine when you are dominating the conversation in a specific product space.

Unless they quickly move to manage this with affected customers, in the way I have experienced from them in the past, the idiotic PR response has the chance to dominate each conversation about them.

And just as misinformation about the capabilities of the MacOS killed much of their market opportunities on the desktop, they may regret the 2nd of July 2010 as the red letter day for their flawed relationship with their users.


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