One more whiskey

One day, when an election is underway, we will celebrate it with whiskey.

These days we anticipate them as if we can dictate the outcome.

But haven’t we had an election every time we’ve had an opinion poll?

How about some honesty?

How about a site which measures the people looking for your vote based upon their adherence the what we think are the real issues?

That’s this site…and we want your content

Right? Left? Hot? Cool? We don’t care, just send it to and it’ll go up at

Just be a realist. Ask questions. Don’t allow them to set the agenda, let us


One thought on “One more whiskey

  1. Kids. No actual talk of ‘kids’ themselves (except for that beaten-up bandwagon of scaremongering) -what of the ‘kids’ themselves? 

    So much speak lately of ‘moving forward’, but little growth – mentally, spiritually, even financially. *Who really cares for the latter; except those that would collapse without it?* 

    So many little businesses built on community and collaboration surviving without any expansion. 

    The one thing that cannot help but move forward are our children. They know no other way. 

    Can we open up the parks, the places [outdoors], the gardens, the libraries, the footpaths, the cross-street cricket pitches, the trees, the ‘general right of way’ to them, and police it ourselves – person to person fence to fence curb to curb block to block suburb to suburb? 

    Politeness, courtesy and decency can be spotted from miles away.

    Can we let our children interact by/unto ‘themselves’ and cast the stones of ‘their’ future?

    Hang on, they’re going to anyway. 

    ST. P

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