The Faraday Cage

Following the Apple Press Conference on the iPhone 4 earlier today via Text updates on Engadget we were presented with the following Image shared by Apple at the time.

In our Islay scotch affected state we erroneously called the test room shared with us a Faraday Cage. UPDATE: Apparently the correct description is “anechoic chambers

For the purposes of this post, the name sticks.

This post isn’t about informed or lengthy commentary on the event or Apple’s claims during the event – if you want them I suggest Andy Ihtanko’s pieces today and also the article in Information week on the Signal drop of Samsung phones in similar circumstances.

At the event, Apple kind of admitted a problem and offered the sort of solutions I wrote they should;

why didn’t they just send out a couple thousand free cases

This post is about the method used to accept an issue exists because it reminded me of how my four year old often accepts blame for her poor behaviour.

But she did it too.

Finally reacting to the issue in a sensible way has helped introduce some support to the weakened foundations of my trust in Apple. However, pointing the finger at RIM and other vendors in the event, while worth mentioning, was still just trying to distract from the issue. As I wrote last Tuesday;

Better to admit a design flaw which impacts a small percentage of your users than to allow others to own the conversation about your brand.

You’ve allowed Nokia, Samsung, RIM, HTC and every other vendor into the conversation, Apple.

Slightly less idiotic, but still Idiots.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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