Only one quarter to fill for Apple


The Q1 peak for MacSales is unprecedented. It mirrors the traditional iPod Spike in the “holiday” quarter. Which probably means they have finally cracked the consumer market at a scale they like for Mac sales. Expect more than $5Bn in sales in Q1 this year – even with the iPad entering at number 3 in Q3.

Historically, Q4 has been the iPhone Quarter. If the YoY growth continues into this current Quarter, except well over $7bn in sales this time around.

Over the last few years Apple’s revenue spike quarters are:

Q1 – iPod (now add Macs to that)

Q4 – iPhone

One of their traditional ‘weak’ quarters – Q3 – has now been filled with the iPad. All they need is something to spike in Q2 each year and they’ll remove that blip from their revenue in thefinancial year. What are we betting upon?

Or maybe they just like a break?


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