Not liking the new Feedly Logo much

I get the desire for the F, but it looks like a corporate bar chart and is insanely boring because of it.

They claim “The tabs/strips refer to bookmarking/collecting the things you love”. I’m not seeing that. I think they should have went with some of the other suggestions and introduced some combination of a Magazine rack/post-it note experience. This would better represent the highly customised magazine type experience which attracted me to Feedly in the first place.

All in all an uninspiring, boring choice with a garish colour scheme to boot.

I hope it hasn’t distracted them from continuing to deliver the best RSS Reader service I’ve used. And especially hope it hasn’t slowed down delivery for the iPhone and Safari – I’m starting to get annoyed waiting.

UPDATE: Edwin ¬†from Feedly contacted me (see comments). I have to admit I missed the announcement about Safari. So mea culpa on that one. I’m hoping the extended delay for iPhone support is a sign of great things. Perhaps the use of the word “annoyed” was overkill. If so, humble apologies.


3 thoughts on “Not liking the new Feedly Logo much

  1. Hi franksting.

    This is Edwin. I am one of the co-founders of feedly. I know that you are a long time feedly user and I am sorry to hear that this is not matching your expectations.

    Regarding Safari, there is already a version of feedly for Safari.
    Except for gmail integration and feedly mini support, it has all the features of feedly for firefox.

    Regarding iphone, it is the top of our priority and something we are spending the majority of our time on.


    • Edwin,

      My only unmatched expectations is the lack of the iPhone Client! Especially now that the Safari Client is now available. I missed the announcement as I was away for a few days. Keep on keeping on, I can’t say enough good things about you!

      Thanks for the comment. I love your interest in your users.


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