– Phone Support Scammers

Beware of a company that is calling people even on Australia’s do-not-call list about signing up for tech support. A family member was stung and we are trying to get money back, tell those without technical knowledge in your family as they could be vulnerable. They are calling around the Northern Rivers at the moment.

They guide you through a few steps on your computer

1) Press Windows + R for Run Command
2) type eventvwr to open eventviewer box
3) Look at windows logs, application and system and see the scary yellow and red icons (count them. These are malicious alterations of your programs supposedly.)
4) Look into My computer/Computer properties
5) Write down the last 6 digits
6) go to their website and use the code to verify your OS

I did not let them go any further as they were talking about installing software. I asked for the supervisor Jack Anthony (with a very thick Indian accent) and then for an ABN or Microsoft certification number and they were not privileged to reveal either. They promised I would know they are legit because of their website and when I connect to their service.

Hopefully our elderly family member who was confused and tricked can retrieve their money.

Keep an eye out for this people

What do you think about what I wrote?

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