Who do I write Like?

I found this great webpage made by the developer of Mémoires. Described as the ‘easiest way how to make a journal on your mac’. I’m not sure about that, I use Posterous or Evernote for my memory retention. But whatever suits your fancy.

I’m not often one to blow my own trumpet, but I’ve had some, nervously received, compliments on my writing style. So when I saw a reference to a tool called I Write Like in the blog of the developers of Mémoires, I thought it might be interesting to see what the algorithm thought about my most visited posts.

Here’s how they describe how I Write Like works

the algorithm is not a rocket science…It’s a Bayesian classifier, which is widely used to fight spam on the Internet…the algorithm is slightly different from the one used to detect spam, because it takes into account more stylistic features of the text, such as the number of words in sentences, the number of commas, semicolons, and whether the sentence is a direct speech or a quotation.

And here is how it analyses some of my posts:

Both Dump Your Parties to find your Leaders, my recent (pre-election) post about the failure of Political Parties to adequately show leadership or represent their electorate and A Sense of Entitlement; where I show my frustration on the attitude and behaviour of already well off people give the same result

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

I Write Like Analyze your writing!

Funnily Enough, an author I’ve never actually read. Never too late to start.

An older post Show me a successful relationship without Trust; being my view on why we stick with relationships, personal or commercial gives something slightly different;

I write like
Arthur Clarke

I’ve read him once or twice.

But this one I can’t explain at all.

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

Perhaps it is because it’s a year old? If so, thats’ a good thing! I’m learning and expanding my horizons.

Enough introspection. Can anyone recommend a H.P. Lovecraft book?


3 thoughts on “Who do I write Like?

  1. eh no, a pun that went horribly wrong is what this is turning into, i stress YOUR doppleganger, let’s just leave it shall we…. lol. Although there was the touch of the trotkyist about Paddy and the Kellehers have some claim to being one of the lost tribes of Israel, settling in the hills around Macroom and Upper Codrum around the time of Princess Tea Tephi

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