Muting Hashtags in Nambu

While all the Social Media Experts use Tweetdeck, I use Nambu on my Mac. Mainly for it’s simple UI with all the features you need available at one click – just like a Mac Programme should do. Also because I’m used to using the old Tweetie (now Twitter for iPhone) and hate what Adobe AIR does to my Mac.

Often I fill other peoples twitterstreams with constant tweeting. Last night I believe I was referred to asTwitter’s equivalent of a ball chucking machine” – though it may have been about someone else!

So, in the absence of Nambu having content on their Help pages up to now, here’s my tips for using Nambu to temporarily filter out a Hashtag, or for when I am “oversharing” a user.

Watch on Posterous

I should note, as I mention in the video (created by the excellent iShowU, btw), it’d be great if Twitter supported this in the webpage and in the API, so it can be respected upwards and across the network.

One day, I’m sure.

Finally, why am I posting this here, rather than at my “real” blog? Well wants US$60 PER YEAR for video sharing, so how about umm “No”, especially when my blog is mainly about words with very infrequent inclusion of Media.


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