Paul Thurrott says: “You Are All Wrong”


Yeah, Paul, everyone’s wrong. This is a mouse people want to use and have no expectation that multi-touch should work anywhere but on a screen.


2 thoughts on “Paul Thurrott says: “You Are All Wrong”

  1. Paul said that because “everyone” was saying the mouse was multi-touch, aka just like Apple’s new mouse paddie thingie they released the week earlier. Actually, in this case, Paul was right, its just a mouse, no multi-touch and it was never meant to be multi-touch — people just assumed and reported that it would be multi-touch.

  2. Hi GT,Absolutely he said that. He’s defending an interesting piece of kit on the basis that peoples expectations of it were wrong. But perhaps if they design had been different people may not have made that assumption. MS should have known, with the form factor, that people would expect touch sensitivity.And this is not to mention his ridiculous assertion that multi-touch should only work on a screen. That absolutely needed to be challenged.f

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