Asymco: the existential theory – and when you know it’s time to go

It was at that time that I realized that my “work product” was non-essential to the meeting anyway. It was, for the lack of a better word, executive entertainment. So, naturally, realizing that I was really an entertainer I resolved to become better at it. That led me to target not those who request the work, but the largest audience possible because they would give me better feedback. I began to blog internally.

When I started this blog I chose a word “asymco” which did not exist and had exactly zero hits on Google search. Now I’m glad to see that “asymco” has 77,300 results on Google search. I am grateful to all who have helped in making this possible and I’m looking forward to further collaboration.

Two comments

1. Asymco has entered my Top 5 Daily reads in the last few months for Horace’s insightful take on the mobile marketplace. But also for gems such as this. You should really read the full article

2. Uh oh (if you know me, you’ll know why)


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