Digicitz 7 – So you think you are a Social Media Expert?

We’re inviting Australia’s leading social media experts to come forward and put an end to the hype at the next Digital Citizens event. We’ll give you, the expert, some real life business challenges and invite you to provide a workable social media solution. You’ll have a week to prepare your response which will take the form of a presentation at the event. The format is up to you!

The audience and the business owner will decide on the winner – you can play along at home by watching the live stream and voting on Twitter.

So if you’re a social media expert or you know someone who is, please nominate yourself or them by sending us your contact details and a brief paragraph explaining why you should be on the panel. Or you can DM us on Twitter

Press the bee to buy tickets
Our Event

Our next Digital Citizens Event is now on sale.

Come and join us, either as an ‘Expert’ or to learn.

Connect, Learn, Share as we say


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