The story that ate itself…part one

This is a story about a story. Or perhaps a series of stories. All descending from one story, but then, doesn’t everything have to start somewhere? So we start at…

The Carnival

In the beginning there was a carnival, one surprisingly foisted upon the people following a controversial upheaval within the ruling elite. As with all events of this nature, various story tellers, hangers on and jokers of multiple persuasions were attracted to the carnival. Soon news of the carnival was being shared far and wide.

But one, known as Monk, was trying to take over the carnival. He was sharing stories of the excesses of the owner and how the people would have to pay back the carnival for years to come, making them poorer than they already were – and their children too. Not only that, the owner had been giving away pink fairy floss and this was making people sick. Soon the people were becoming unhappy and considering that a new carnival owner may be a good thing.

Rose, the carnival owner began to realise what was happening and she quickly began to tell thrilling stories of ropes filled with light being added to the carnival in order to allow everyone to see the carnival for themselves. Bags of money were promised to help the people to buy new carts. For their old ones had become damaged by using the roads which the previous carnival owner had neglected to fix.

The storytellers were enthralled and the stories which they started to share became filled with light and golden promises. But while Rose and the Monk dazzled the people with their promises, others were not so happy with the type of stories being told.

In coffeehouses throughout the land lattes were being sipped. There was much mumbling about how Rose and the Monk were able to gloss over the reality of life. Much distaste was reserved for the froth drinking and ball watching masses who attended various sideshows the carnival sent out. But the greatest displeasure was being voiced at the Storytellers and their masters. For why were they only sharing tales of the gloss and glitter and ignoring the truth?

Up Next: The One…


5 thoughts on “The story that ate itself…part one

  1. What happens next? Does the pretty blond princess, who cannot listen to the voices in her head when making announcements to the town, come into the story 🙂 …

    Seriously though … I like this … you should do more of this type of thing.

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