The Story eats itself…part four

You’ve heard about The Carnival, wondered at the morality of The One, cowered to the dominance of The Face. Finally in Part four of our tale…

The Story eats itself

The Face insisted Priest should share more stories about the one in the hope they could break the mumbletariat and the one forever. Soon the evil story master knew the people would return to their lives full of frothy drinks and ballsports but he needed them to forget all about the one and the other pamphleteers so he could continue adding to his supply of gold.

The Face found a well known pamphleteer and storyteller who was visiting from another land. Cunningly, and in order to confuse the mumbletariat he got that Pamphleteer to also tell a story about Priest telling a story about the one who wrote a story about storytellers telling stories.

When the story from one of their own was shared on behalf of the evil Face, the mumbletariat, despite their common predilection for warm sweaters in summer climes soon began to splinter and disagree over their skinny lattes.

And when both Priest and the mumbletariat were sharing the same stories peddled on behalf of The Face, the wheel had come full circle and the story was about the story, it began to eat itself.

Some time later the one, while accompanying the Prince of Ivory Towers, could be heard to tell stories about his story to the people. It is said some of those who listened enjoyed the story as much as they enjoyed the frothy drinks they drank now in preference to the skinny lattes they had long eschewed.


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