The story that ate itself..part three

You’ve heard about The Carnival, wondered at the morality of The One. Now cower to the dominance of…

The Face

Time passed. How much is not said. In any case there appeared to have been a jamboree involving Storytellers and some of Rose’s minions (and those of the Monk’s). Somehow members of the mumbletariat where able to invigilate them. Perhaps they were secretly members of either group but it isn’t clearly said. In any case the one was in attendance and was somehow recognised by a storyteller known as Priest as the one who wrote the heinous pamphlet during the famous Carnival.

While it is unknown why, it is suspected Priest let slip his suspicions about who the one may be to his master. Unfortunately for the one, Priest’s storymaster was the Face. The Face was known to be one who guarded his gold closely so as to use it to destroy his enemies in ways too despicable to describe here. In order to destroy the one, the Face insisted Priest tell the story about the one, especially once it became clear the one had been a minion for Rose at the Carnival. For it was well known through the land that the Face was a champion of Monk, despite many stories told to try and hide it.

And lo the story about the one was told by Priest and the one was outed as a minion at the carnival. What’s more a minion of the Rose’s sidekick who had been responsible for the poisoned fairy floss. Naturally, the mumbletariat were outraged and proceeded to shout loudly over their lattes the injustice of a simple minion being in danger of losing a job even as mundane as a shit shoveller.

Their angst however was as nothing to the other storytellers who were quickly pointing fingers at them as one. Especially those who were storytellers for The Face. But they weren’t alone.

The very same day the one produced a pamphlet telling the world who he was. While he admitted he was a minion at the Carnival, he made it very clear it was just a very lowly role. The mumbletariats outrage grew to such a pitch that soon stories were being told by both the storytellers and the mumbletariat at such a rate that the people were putting their fingers in their ears to avoid mention of it.

Up Next: The Story eats itself…

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