Android is falling behind in an important way

Looking at the Netmarketshare stats onĀ Operating system market share for web usage this evening and reading some of the other commentary on them, something was bugging me.

There seems to be a focus on the relative statistics of 8x growth of Android and the 3x growth (or thereabouts) for iOS in the past 10 months. And while these are factual, the reality both numbers are coming off very low bases, especially for Android.

After looking at the numbers and digesting this growth statistic for sometime, another series of data began to instead stand out to me.

Until last month, in every month of the chart, iOS month by month growth in web browsing was more than double Android growth in the same period. And even last month, despite that being the first without such exponential growth, the growth in web usage was still 20% higher than that of Androids.

DespiteĀ sales of Android based devices growing at huge rates, online usage of Android based devices is still pitifully low.

What does that say about the type of user experiences which are being built around Android based devices by OEM’s and Carriers?

Update: I just checked the link today (7 June 2011) or just under 9 months later, and while Android has grown pretty fast since October, the truth is in the stats:

    Android share of Webbrowsing: +0.49%
    iOS share of Webbrowsing: +1.12%

Despite the massive growth in Android Devices in Activation in the last 9 months, the webbrowsing share between it and iOS continues to widen.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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