It appears New Matilda Is On The Way Back

Update: Official confirmation on Friday from New Matilda of the business model behind the return.

They’ll be using a Crowd sourced model from Fundbreak as their funding source:

our business model will in fact have more in common with a public radio station than a subscription-based website

Good for them, and lets hope it works, especially the investigative journalism part of things. Here’s the previous story:

It was a long cold winter without New Matilda, wasn’t it? The weather is warming up and so, we’re happy to say, is this website

Since then, we’ve endured more political turmoil than even the most excitable pundits might have predicted — but precious little in the way of media paradigm shifts. Indeed, there was almost as much criticism of the media as of the politicians during the campaign and we were sorry not to have been part of the action.

And so it is that with excitement and trepidation, we’re ready to announce some good news: New Matilda is on the way back.

When we stopped publishing in June, we promised that we would try to go it alone if we could rally the right kind of support.


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