Putting a positive spin on the Global Warming message

I’ve signed up for Blog Action Day again this year.

In anticipation of taking the time to write something more succinct this year on the topic of water, I’m going to republish from my previous blog my post from last years ‘Event’.

This week I had a bit of a whinge about R U OK day, so I wanted to make the observation that my personal outcome from last years Blog Action Day was to make a personal commitment to reduce energy usage in my house by at least 10% in 2010. You can read some occasional blogposts on my progression toward a positive message.

In the meantime, here’s a slightly edited repost of last years blogpost for Blog Action Day. I’d be interested in your commentary.

The desert grows three miles a year, and it just grows. I put my pain in a jar and it will be full tomorrow.

I imagine every generation needs something to be afraid of. Generally every generation does that with the guidance of their government, elected or otherwise. I’ll leave the research on that one for you.

What will my children fear? Will it be the same fears as I’ve had? Will their fears become real, or as was once famously said they will instead end up fearing “fear itself”?

This post was inspired by Today’s ‘Blog Action Day‘ and I wonder are people now finally taking control of their lives enough to finally fear something which isn’t a fear created or stoked by a Government? Is Global Warming the Monkey on all our backs which the Governments can’t invent a war, a terrorist or an invisible enemy to displace?

Those of us who have come to understand the potential for long term disaster – i.e. after most of us are already mouldering – seem to be sitting back recently. We are allowing those who, like the Speculator, only are interested in their own short term benefit take the lead with the conversation. I could say ‘it’s time to take it back’, but I don’t think we ever LOST the conversation.

Instead, perhaps we have been directing the conversation instead only to those who would listen. Preaching to the converted as it were.

We need to change tactics somewhat and find the best conversation to have with everyone at a level which everyone understands. We need to start pitching positive messages.

Scare tactics of huge increases in sea levels, massive, storms, huge fire seasons etc. while they may be true, tend to create fear in peoples minds. They’ve been done, and the message will still be there as the sword dangling over our heads. But now, I think its time to talk about what certain changes in behaviour and lifestyle can, over time, achieve to avert these dangers we have been talking about. Without those positive messages, there is a danger the target audience will put their potential “pain in a jar” and hide it there like the ostrich does with his head.

A large enough percentage of the population understands Global Warming now, and of those who don’t there is damn good chance a large percentage never will. For the others, the best way now must be to share the message on how personal change plus demanding change from their politicians can make the threat if not go away at least start to recede.

Examples might be how the proposed $Bn of subsidies (they call them ‘credits‘!) proposed for the Brown Electricity industry in Australia is an appalling false economy. And how the potential results of investing that in alternative electricity generation system plus better more efficient devices is a far superior investment. This applies both in the long term to save the environment, but importantly also in the short term to continue to provide jobs and investment in the ‘now’ economy.

And I don’t mean the gimmicky type of conversation, of which some of the GetUp stuff is a good (bad) example. It makes a point, but does it come out with an action?

I don’t pretend to know the full extent of the science behind Global Warming, though I agree with what I do know of what I’ve been told and disagree with the do nothing shysters. But I fear that if the conversation which has been held for the last 4 or 5 years doesn’t adjust in the next 12 – 18 months, ennui will set in and the naysayers will win the day.

I’m amazed by their ostrich like behaviour especially since, just like ours, their Grandchildren will continue to see the desert grow three miles a year. But they don’t really care, do they? It’s just someone elses pain, which may as well be in a jar.

What do you think about what I wrote?

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