“I cannot think of a better endorsement for an investment than a snub from Gartner”

Asymco on Gartner’s continuing resolution that iPad’s are media devices which shouldn’t be counted in Computer Sales.

I show below the impact of the iPad on PC vendor sales. I’m using my own estimates of world-wide PC sales (you can see other estimates here (Apple 2.0))

The world-wide PC units shipped without and with iPad:

When including the iPad Apple goes from 7th to 5th ranked, and with 50% growth clearly within shot of top rank next year.

Now I look at PC unit shares:

With the iPad Apple goes from 4% share to 10% share. Again, within striking distance of number one or two in a year.

Finally, growth rates:

Apple’s share growth goes from second to first but also several times higher than any of the others.

When Gartner spins the iPad as a “Media Tablet” it’s clear that the device is disruptive. Reminds me of what Gartner thought about Smartphones four years ago.

I wonder if Gartner will be crowing they got their forecasts for 2010 right by excluding iPad?

There are so many things we don’t see coming which become part of the furniture more quickly than the establishment like.

Change. A Wonderful thing


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