Locations with most computers cleaned by Microsoft desktop anti-malware products

Microsoft Anti-malware tools generate data which indicates the cusztomers Location based on Regional Settings on the computer.

While it is no surprise that countries with large populations like the USA, Brazil and China are at the top of the chart for absolute data, some of the surprising stats are in the computers cleaned per thousand data.

Among locations with more than 200,000 executions of the MSRT in 2Q10, Turkey had the highest infection rate, with 36.6 computers cleaned for every 1,000 MSRT executions (CCM 36.6). Following Turkey were Spain (35.7), Korea (34.4), Taiwan (33.5), and Brazil (25.8). All have been among the locations with the highest infection rates for several periods.

Australia’s rate, while hanging around in the middle, is still too high. If Canada, Germany and New Zealand can sit in the low end of the CCM stats, then so should we. Simply making anti-malware software more easily available and keeping it up-to-date should easily reduce this statistic

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