Are iPads a better fit for educating the Next Generation?

Fraser Speirs writes an excellent blog which includes posts on the introduction of Technology into Education. I’ve been watching, on twitter mainly, the iPad and Education conversation.

In this blogpost he gives some excellent insights into the reasons why using iPad in education is much better than the hideous, underpowered, locked down services which are being deployed here in NSW. This includes:

By deploying the iPad in the school and using real-world commercial software instead of “education-specific” clones of real software, we are delivering an authentic experience in school that mirrors and is relevant to the experience of technology that pupils have outside the school and bring to school with them.

I’m a big fan of teaching children responsibility to earn mutual trust. So, naturally I’ll agree with Fraser. I expect to buy an iPad for the house this year.

Recommend you read the full post : Fraser Speirs – Blog – iPads, Curriculum for Excellence and the Next Generation.

3 thoughts on “Are iPads a better fit for educating the Next Generation?

  1. i suppose you had to find someway of justifying the purchase, you old so and so. I can just see you now, “oh no, its not for my personal use, it’s to teach my kids mutual trust. What, let them touch it? You must be joking, sticky fingers on my beautiful screen!!!!”

    • It won’t be for me, that much. I’d be more likely to replace my MacBook Pro with either an Air or whatever the next generation MBP looks like.
      But other than that, despite hardly seeing me in 12 years, yes you know me too well!
      See you in July!

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