Bypassing the Lock Screen to Make Calls in iOS 4.1

This has been reported across the web since first reported on MacForums today.

I must admit, I’ve tried it on my iPhone 3GS running iOS4.1 and am unable to reproduce. Perhaps my Service Provider or the Australian Emergency Number system prevents entering anything but triple zero.

When I enter a bogus number in the Emergency Calls view, it straightaway tells me “Emergency Calls Only”.

Which leads to another question.

For Emergency calls, why isn’t as simple as one big button in the screen dialling 000 in Australia or 911 in the US or 999 in Ireland?

It’s not as if individual countries have multiple Emergency call numbers, is it?


6 thoughts on “Bypassing the Lock Screen to Make Calls in iOS 4.1

  1. Thanks for the post!

    I can replicate on optus iPhone.
    1. Lock phone (power button)
    2. Tap home to get to the pin screen
    3. Tap emergency call
    4. Enter ###
    5. Tap call
    6. Quickly push the lock button. Aka the power button

    The screen freezes for a second as if the phone realizes it’s been bested.

  2. Dane, I tried it 10 times, perhaps Telstra’s code to manage this is better than Optus’? Each time I press anything which isn’t supported number wise, It just says “emergency calls only”

  3. Tried the hack dozens of times with my iPhone 4 OS4.1 locked to Optus. Cannot make it happen.

    Picked up brother-in-law’s iPhone 4 OS4.1 unlocked and on Telstra. It is also running IBM’s 8 character alpha-numeric passcode logon. Worked first time.

    Sister’s iPhone 3GS OS4.1 unlocked and on Optus. Worked.

    MrsOzDJ’s iPhone 3G locked to Optus. Does not work.

    My guess – related to carrier settings and locking.

  4. i think the reason the emergency numbers are 3 digits was to do with making the possibility of dialing them by accident, in pulse dialing, very difficult. that’s what I remember from somewhere at the back of my mind, and just to let you know Gav, its officialy 112 here, we are European you know… 999 works too though, so yes we do have multiple numbers, as do most EU countries I would presume…

  5. 112 works with all GSM mobiles AFAIK, Richard. so it will work here too.

    The message is, people have a different number in each location, the services need to accept whatever is entered.

    I think triple-0 here and triple-9 in Ireland (historically) are based on the shortest time to dial on the old rotary dial phones?

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