The Magic of Froyo

Just read a couple of very interesting articles about the recent “Froyo” or Android 2.2 updates for the HTC desire in Australia.¬†An example of which is Wolf Cocklin asking some pertinent questions on his blog.

Despite my despair on occasion with the requirement to use iTunes (or the bloated piece of shit) for everything, at least it works.

More reasons to stick with my iPhone – keeping piling them up, Android.


3 thoughts on “The Magic of Froyo

  1. Actually Google and Android have a way of updating android devices that has worked quite well in the past. Over The Air has worked for the Desire and other Android phones in the US and Europe. What broke this time was Telstra/HTC insisting on ignoring the OTA process and requiring a windows computer and HTC sync software to do the update.

    It didn’t have to be that complicated.

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