When Bloggers like Dave Winer remove comments

I was just reading some humour on a Disqus enabled site tonight when I noticed some of my previous Disqus comments had a got a few likes.

Because I’m a terrible egotist, I thought I might investigate and enjoyed reminiscing on old comments I’d written.

I came across one I’d written on Dave Winer’s blog a couple of months back when he’d written a Post (okay 6 lines) which claimed Apple were “boycotting” Flash.

I clicked through to check on the conversation, only to be presented with;

Where Dave Winer removes comments when they point out his errors


That’s odd, I thought. I seem to recall just correcting Dave’s misunderstanding of the word Boycott. Perhaps I’d been rude and shit. I do that sometimes. I mean it’s his site, he can choose to keep the tone at a certain level if he likes.

So thanks to Disqus, I’ll let you decide for yourself:

The Censored Comment

Always a way around Censorship

while the definition of Boycott may have widened over time, its original meaning (and what the word originated from) was hammered into my mind during history class in Ireland.
Apple aren’t boycotting Flash, because they aren’t attempting to change Adobe or Flash’s behaviour like the Irish people were to the original Captain Boycott.
Apple don’t care about Flash on their iOS devices, and unless Adobe make it more usable and less impacting to the battery life on same, they probably never will.

Maybe I should have been rude. At least I would have felt better about been censored.

Good work Dave. Enjoy your senility.


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