My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-11-28)


A #SMEG wouldn’t recognise @theashes if it bit him on the nose

Sometimes you read things which make you smile, and then you stumble upon so much rubbish it just make you want to smack someone in the mouth.

The fact that these things happen within 2 minutes of each other is often a vagary of being a twitter addict. Why should tonight be any different. Amidst the bathos of #twitdef, and the Social Media Club Sydney twitter stream a new Social Media star called @theashes was Continue reading

#TwitterJokeTrial and how the establishment reacts to the Challenge of Social Media HT @julieposetti #twitdef

  • They hate that you undermine their carefully crafted messages and turn them into jokes.
  • They hate that you are forming new methods of entertainment that they don’t understand.
  • They hate that you can organise yourselves without them knowing about it.
  • They hate that power has been democratised.
  • They hate that you get at content for free.
  • They hate it, hate it, hate it.

So when the opportunity arises to stamp on one of you snivelling social media types, they grasp it with both hands.


The afterlife or more lies from religion – a journal

I spend far too long rationalising mortality to myself. So often, that I consider it a failing on my behalf. Just accept it already is my self-denigrating way of dealing with the fear of death. It was interesting today then, while reading Christopher Hitchens Memoir – Hitch-22, that he appeared to clearly describe almost in full my way of thinking on the matter. Continue reading

Sexy Reviewers may not apply! #telstraWP7 #yam

When we called for applications to be a HTC Desire Social Reviewer, we asked “Why should you become a Social Reviewer?” 15 people responded “Coz I’m sexy”. For the Telstra Windows Phone 7 Social Review, 14 people attested to their sexiness as a suitable reviewing characteristic. We didn’t seek to qualify these answers any further.