In Love with Linotype

Updated preview for Linotype: The Film

Once you get ink and type metal in your blood it never comes out

I studied just as these beasts were going out of fashion. I still have a lot of ink, and a little hot metal in my blood. But as another line went:

How does Linotype fit in with new Technology?

It Doesn’t

Even while I agree with that sentiment, I was still a little sad listening to some of the testimonials from the guys who ran the Linotypes.

2 thoughts on “In Love with Linotype

  1. Letterpress is making a bit of a comeback (if it ever went away that is). Lot of specialist wedding invitation printers, small operations, almost craft printers. Check out Etsy, must be at least 10k individuals doing it, mostly in the US. Don’t think a lot of them will be using Linotype machines somehow. I worked with a man that used to service them, they were hard to keep going apparently and when you’re up close to one you can tell why. A thing of beauty though…. great rate of pay to operate one too!

  2. I remember going to the printers with my father when I was really young seeing about 6 in operation massive beasts with a smelter in them; and the piles of Lines-of-type – so cool. I had so many of those type lines. It’s what made me obsessed with type.

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