Especially for all of you back at work this week

Annually we depart the city for the south coast so we can relax a bit and so the kids can see the kangaroos and the other wildlife in a little more natural habitat. This years trip starts in the morning.

Because I don’t set resolutions, I don’t expect anything to come out of it, though a clearer mind or smaller hunch on the back would be nice. Oh and neither to be attacked by a mob of kangaroos nor the flocks of Galah’s which hang out in the garden at dusk.

I understand we are lucky we can do this, not everyone has the benefit of having the car or being able to afford it. So I’ll try to use up their enjoyment as well as my own.

No one is entitled to a break, or the ability to make it better by having the ability to afford it, but because I can now, I’ll make the most of it. Who knows, next year I might be only able to afford a trip to Cronulla on the train.

I appreciate some of you are already back at work. Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?


One thought on “Especially for all of you back at work this week

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