I hope my Liverpool Nightmare isn’t coming true

I grew up looking down on other Football teams with disdain, especially supposed “big” clubs, for only being “Cup Teams”. That is those who usually had a cup run each season and whose pinnacle of success was lifting the FA Cup at Wembley in May. I always looked at the Cups (aside from the European Cup which back then only actual Champions could win) as being either the cream on the cake or something to have in a season you didn’t win the league.

As the last 20 years have progressed, I came to the conclusion that if Liverpool wasn’t careful the club would turn into that thing I dreaded most: each season by November already out of the title race, famous for being a “Cup Team”, occasionally having a couple of fancy players and paying over the odds for utter dross to make up the rest of the squad. Otherwise known as Tottenham Hotspur.

The fact we have only won Cups in the last 20 years, have only intermittently seriously challenged for the League and continue to purchase utter crap at inflated prices, as if Stan Collymore never happened, have caused my Tottenham Hotspur nightmare to keep me awake too often in recent years..

Thankfully though some differences exist to prevent me from being convinced we have become another Tottenham Hotspur. Examples include: in living memory we have not only challenged for the league, but actually won it and we don’t chop and change managers at the drop of a hat.

Recent events and the passage of time though are challenging those differences and some.

With the club becoming the plaything of rich owners, sold like so much linen or coal from Northern English ports of antiquity, and the hiring of a manager who’s claim to job is simply that he was “entitled” to it:

Coming to Liverpool for me was a pinnacle; to some extent it was a reward for the work I had put in, not just at Fulham but in the years before

I’ve been thinking of something worse than Tottenham to compare us to.

Added to rubbish above, the chanting of Kenny Dalglish’s name recently, not just because he was a success for the club as player and manager for the best part of 15 years (more than deserved), but because the fans think he should replace the existing manager has made me recently wake from nightmares where we had become just like something as abject as Newcastle United. A club where the fans have often felt they were entitled to decide the identity of the manager of their football club and whose owners grew fat on the lard before they sold to one.

There appears to at least be the opportunity of long term growth under FSG. I hope my fears Liverpool might become the new Newcastle, wandering aimlessly winning nothing for decades, living in the past rather than expecting the future might wane. Naturally we need a Manager who can help that future be successful before that can happen. But having a firm financial base, with a less wasteful transfer policy will help.

And while I certainly don’t think that would ever be Roy Hodgson, let’s not wish what happened to Alan Shearer and Newcastle once the fans got their way on either Liverpool or on Kenny Dalglish. I’d rather remember 1977 -1990. And I’m sure you do too.

6 thoughts on “I hope my Liverpool Nightmare isn’t coming true

  1. Gav, your nightmares have just been realised.

    KD will boost the flagging spirits of the fans, but the players have no idea who he is.
    20 years is a long time and very few of Pool’s players would remember his management of the club never mind his playing.

    I think management was past him when he was at Newcastle, never mind Celtic. Ten years later, he’s never going to be the messiah.

    Pity Woy went though, I though he was doing a great job … for Sir Alex.

    In 5 months time, he’ll finally be able to say that he knocked them off the perch.

    • Rob, my nightmare isn’t that Kenny is there, my nightmare was that we were turning into Tottenham or Newcastle. If they were going to get the King in, last Summer was the time to do it, but I’ll take now if it turns the season around.

      • But Tottenham are finally challenging in the league. They seem to have swapped roles with Liverpool.
        The problem for Liverpool is that they’ve been also rans for 20 years, if they can’t stop the rot now, they might be remembered as luminaries of yesteryear, like Bradford Park Avenue, Preston North End or Leeds.
        I wonder if the owners are thinking they’ve bought a lemon?

  2. Don’t try changing the subject.

    Everton finished Kenny’s Liverpool career in 91 and we’ll be trying to do it again 20 years later.
    John Henry shoulda stayed in Boston

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