Can a confluence of conflicting thoughts lead to a successful product?

As I’ve recently wrote, ditching some features in order to present a better product is often the greatest challenge when developing a new product.

Another one is choosing the right technology or partner to do your business with. Alex Payne writes, in his article “Shortchanging Your Business with User-Hostile Platforms“:

In a nutshell, what you’re communicating…is that your business priorities (saving time and money) are more important than what your customers want.

I don’t agree with Alex when he indicates a business should be giving a customer EVERYTHING they want, but I do agree that taking shortcuts to ensure business success ahead of customer satisfaction is a false economy.

Observations like Alex Payne’s are worthy and while often I search for confirmation bias when I’m researching, it’s interesting in my current exercise how so many articles I read make a whole lot of sense, yet when looked at shallowly seem to conflict.

Just as water eventually finds the best route to the sea, I’m seeing tributaries of information like this joining with others I’ve discovered in  recent weeks confluence into a river. And hopefully the best product for our needs in the long term.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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