Tim Cook on the Tablet Competition

…two kind of groups…ones using Windows-based operating system…customers are frankly not interested in them.

Android tablets…a scaled-up smartphone, which is a bizarre product, in our view.

via Apple COO Tim Cook on Android, Verizon, and more | Tablets | Macworld.

Yeah, they sound worried. Just like I thought they would do.


2 thoughts on “Tim Cook on the Tablet Competition

  1. I had a tablet ‘holy fuck’ moment while watching Tron: Legacy of all movies. One of the directors (the non-Jeff Bridges guy from the first movie) is using a tablet computer and I’m thinking “LOL, that’s kinda a cool” then he DOWNLOADS the MCP OS off the internet and I thought – Apple will never let me do that.

    I love my iPad and thank Apple for getting us there but I’ll love my future open tablet devices too. All it takes is one ‘I don’t have that feature’ moment and you’re market share is gone.

    (Cook’s right about Windows touch though).

    • I’m one with you on OTA updates, but remember the reason why Apple don’t do this – yet – is because the Customer experience isn’t right – yet. They have a history of only shipping with features they are confident deliver a good customer experience and not including features “just because the technology is available”. Evidence tells us that not only do they add functionality over time, they also subtract it when it has served it’s usefulness.

      It’s like why many of the conversations about the wealth of tablets announced at CES are flawed. They are all predicated on the fact that Apple will stand still with the iPad. Evidence tells us that Apple are continually innovating their product set, and have well defined roadmaps and release schedules for those new products and upgrades to existing ones.

      If a feature doesn’t have a good enough customer experience yet, they are happy to ship without it until it is. Most other companies could adapt that logic, in my view.

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