Wish I had a Toshiba Tablet so I could enjoy the “entire internet”

In an interesting marketing strategy, Toshiba have decided to only promote their upcoming Android tablet using Flash.

I understand many corporations still don’t include Flash as part of their standard operating environment. So the accessible alt screen, if you are an interested potential customer who works in a corporate environment, might become a horrible reminder of your daily torture where you cannot even play games on Steam.

Toshiba's Alt screen for customers  without Flash installed

Toshiba's Alt screen for customers without Flash installed

While its good they included an alt-screen, imagine if web developers provided information not actually referring to the content for alt-images back in the day. The equivalent of what they are saying, 1995 style would be:

There’s an image here, you really should buy browser X which supports images.

If we accept Flash as a de-facto standard, why shouldn’t they abide by the same rules for providing support for non-supported environments/accessibility requirements as for other types of “standard” web content?

The fact the Toshiba tablet isn’t actually available to buy or indeed use today, means this type of content would be better served after they had a product on sale in stores right now. As of now, I guess I need to wait until the Toshiba Tablet becomes available before I can “enjoy the entire internet”.

UPDATE: Seems the new Chrome for Android excludes Flash, so perhaps all those people who purchased the Toshiba Tablet might feel a little shortchanged when they upgrade to Android 4. Even though it is all apparently Adobe’s fault.


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