Marco Arment on Productivity

Keep a to-do list.

A real one. One that you actually use and update throughout the day. It doesn’t need to be fancy, like the getting-things-done task managers — I use TaskPaper, which is essentially a text editor with optimized syntax highlighting for to-do lists, against a text file on Dropbox.

I’ve never been a note-taker. In high school, I was that smartass kid who never had any notebooks or anything on his desk in class. Just a blank desk to slowly fall asleep on. I thought I could just keep track of everything in my head, which is true in high school if you’re a smartass slacker, but doesn’t work very well after that.

If a task isn’t written down in a list or set to alert me in iCal, it’s gone. Forgotten. Doesn’t get done.

Oh, and dump your cable TV service. Get the shows you actually enjoy from iTunes and Netflix and stop wasting time watching whatever’s “on”.

via Rands In Repose: Interview: Marco Arment.

It’s odd how you sometimes read something where you immediately identify your own behaviours and the simple fixes which might work.

It looks like he has got beyond the hurdles I keep putting in my own way. I’ve tried every getting things done app I know, simple and complex and always come back to a simple list.

I sometimes use Do It tomorrow on my iPhone – now if only it synced with DropBox, that’d work for me. In the meantime I’ll be checking out his tips

Oh and accelerating the dumping of Foxtel…


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